Friday, August 1, 2008

Tune Taken (my comments)

Point is Bill, it's been a time honoured tradition to share tunes, so why in the last 5 years has copyright among pipers become an issue? Even before the internet introduced easy sharing abilities, pipers still had hundreds of tunes in their possesion, where were the copyright Nazies then?If money is not an issue, then why are we groveling over the small chump change they call royalties? There's already too much pettiness in the world, i was hoping we were all above this!

I've composed a couple of tunes - nothing earth shaking (one is posted on this forum). I don't expect to make any money, but if people like the tunes then I would like to hear about it thus I put my name to them and simply ask that if a tune is distributed it have my name on it. That's it - it's ego.I was asked to play a tune as a lead in to a song on a CD by a local rock band. The tune I played was Farewell to Camraw by Robert Mathieson. I was able to contact him via email and asked permission to use the tune on the recording. He granted that permission no strings attached. I think most composers aren't looking to make money on their tunes, but they do want recognition for their creative effort.

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