Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pipe Band Forum - 1/24/08

Piping for Weddings

I had my first experience piping for a wedding last month. (I actually posted a thread for tips) It was my sister's wedding in London, Ontario. Nice place and I got a chance to visit Scots Highland Services - great shop and good people.

My sister wanted to be piped down the aisle. She had a chamber group playing for the processional before her, but she wanted me to pipe for her, so I did. There wasn't much room at the front of the hall, so I piped from a doorway.I saw the video afterwards, and thought it was actually quite nice.

I've seen several video clips (youtube) of pipers leading the bride and escort down the aisle and as long as the music was an appropriate slow march I thought it came off quite dignified, but I can see where there might be issues.

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