Friday, August 1, 2008

Piping on Maui (Hawaii)

I spent last week in Maui, Hawaii with my wife and son and had a great time. With the band's first competitions coming up and having to miss a band practice I felt obligated to take along the pipes and get in some individual practice. I found an elementary school close to the condo and did most of my practicing there, but I did get down to the beach one night and played through a few sets and tunes. It was a great experience! Here's a photo my wife took.

By the way, on our last evening I was practicing up at the school when a car pulled up. The driver told me that I was welcome to come out and practice with the local pipe band. LOCAL pipe band!!? Was he kidding!? He said the band is the Maui Celtic Pipes and Drums. Unfortunately it was our last night, but he said anytime we visited Maui to be sure and look them up. I checked around on the internet and did find some information on the band here:

Anyway, it was a fun trip and if we ever get out there again, I think I'll look up the band and go to a practice.

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