Friday, August 1, 2008

Band Rivalry in Utah (my comments)

Why is it this old garbage keeps coming up? This is over 10 years ago. I am involved in a number of bands in the area and absolutely no one talks about these issues anymore. Why? They don't care. For the most part we care about improving as soloists and bands.

I agree. I certainly wasn't around when it all happened and I don't really care either, but I've heard about it.

We recently had a clinic with all of the bands in the area, we all enjoyed each others company and no one talked about poaching or cheating or anything of the sort. We had fun. We didn't perpetuate the myth that people involved in pipe bands in Utah are a bunch of litigious nut bags.

Who said anything about litigation? I think the situation now is no worse than anywhere else and in fact probably a lot better.

I find it sad this goes on. Most of the people involved are not even playing in pipe bands now. It's ironic that many of the people discussing this now were not even involved in bands back then. Why does this need to be kept alive?

Good question. There are a few involved who are still playing, and perhaps it is only the ones who were around in our band who still harbor feelings about it. I'm glad to hear others have put it behind them. I wasn't involved in past conflicts and I'm not trying to perpetuate anything here, but I have a link at the bottom of this post which would indicated that not everyone in other bands in Utah feel the way you and I do.

I think the branch clinics have gone a long way to build relationships. I have only been able to attend one of them so far (there have only been two). I still stick to my statement about the tension - it certainly wasn't a general feeling, but I tried to strike up a conversation with one member of another band and he wouldn't give me the time of day (might have just been his personality). That wasn't the case with others however, and perhaps I should have clarified.

I'm also glad that there are people like you who are so involved with other bands and are so supportive and encouraging. You've certainly made my first experience with competition an enjoyable one and I will be always grateful.

By the way, I have made friends with several pipers and drummers in other bands at our branch clinics and at competitions. I'm very happy to see Utah bands progress and do well. In fact, just last night I was listening to a member of the Wasatch and District Pipe Band practicing with his rock band "The Happy Scotsmen". They have another piper in the band who wasn't at the practice session, but I loved it. My son was invited to sit down at the snare and he played part of the SL Scots drum salute for them. We all had a great time. They are going to be performing on Thursday and unfortunately I will be out of town or I would go and watch them.

As far as poaching? You can't poach someone who doesn't want to move on. If your band isn't meeting your needs, find one that fits.

Here's what I mean by poaching:"Judges, competitors and WUSPBA members shall not encourage any person toleave a WUSPBA-member band in which such person is a registered member." WUSPBA Code of ConductI apologize if I gave the impression that Utah is the hot bed of pipe band conflict. I don't think that is the case. On the other hand, not everything is all warm and fuzzy either. Here is a site with posts about our band which are not always kind, and some of these were posted within the last year:

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