Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pipe Band Forum 9/23/07

Piping Exams

There was some discussion on another thread about keeping certain skills alive in the piping community. I just read through the syllabi of the exams and it seems to me that many of the skills of bagpipe maintenance, theory, playing, etc are required by these exams. Seems like a great way to standardize the skills required to be a knowledgeable piper. Wish I had an instructor who would teach me these things.

Is there any possibility of you getting one?

1. Go to a week long seasonal school and learn for your level there and sit the exam while there? Then work all year for the next level? I know someone who does this.
2. Combine your annual holiday, if you have one, with spending a few days at one of the piping places which offer top level instruction, have an intensive few days of lessons, and sit the exam there?
That's a good question. I think there are knowledgeable individuals in this area, but I think the route I would probably take is your first or second suggestions.

I could combine some travel with some education.

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