Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pipe Band Forums 2/27/08

Fun Tunes

I like Farewell to Nigg as well, but after playing it for the past year it's lost a bit of its initial appeal with me.

I really enjoy 6/8 tunes and one of my favorites is Donald MacLean of Lewis. Hot Punch is a fun little two part tune I like to play and another that I really like is Farewell to the Creeks.

Heights of Dargai and Battle of the Somme are both 9/8s and have a strong dot-cut feel to them. The band is currently playing them as a set and they sound really good together. It's a fun set I like to play for my own enjoyment.

A couple of 2/4s that I enjoy playing on my own are The Sweet Maid of Glendaruel and Teribus. They go good together as a set and I played them together last week at my nieces wedding after an intro of Highland Cathedral.

For a more somber mood I like Fair Maid of Barra, Lochaber No More, and a tune I wrote called An Abhainn Chaillte (The Lost River). It's in Composer's Corner on this forum.

Donald MacLean of Lewis - Donald MacLeod
Hot Punch - most often listed as Traditional
Farewell to the Creeks - P/M J. Robertson
Heights of Dargai - J. Wallace
Battle of the Somme - Pipe Major William Laurie
Sweet Maid of Glendaruel - most often listed as Traditional
Teribus - most often listed as Traditional
Lochaber No More - Thomas Connellan

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