Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pipe Band Forum 10-3-07

An Abhainn Chaillte - The Lost River

This is a tune I wrote as a tribute to my brother who passed away in a kayak accident this last year. He was a real adventurer and tried everything. For several years he was a Yukon smoke jumper and helped to start a smoke jumping service in British Columbia. He loved to rock climb, kayak, bike and backpack. He worked for the Victoria Fire Department and was a good man. Everyone loved him.

I want to thank Carrie for helping me with the translation of the title of this tune to Scottish Gaelic.

I've attached a recording I made on the chanter and the sheet music in a zip file. I did my best on the recording, but there is a minor flub or two and I rushed it a bit in places (hey, I'm just a lowly grade 4 piper). Still, okay all in all. Hope you like the tune.

Sorry, I couldn't add the zip file, but it can be retrieved from the forum post at:

Copy and paste this into your browser address window.

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