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Pipe Band Forum - 7/27/07

Piping for a Drummer

I play pipes for my son's solos (see our family photo in the rogues gallery). Since we submit our registration at the same time we inevitably get scheduled in the same time slot (has happened at our last four competitions). The judges have always been good about resuffling us, but sometimes it means he has to wait for me.

As far as finding pipers for drummers, our pipe sergent has come up with what I think is a good idea. He is going to post the tunes that drummers need pipers for and ask for volunteers. If no one volunteers the civilian way then he will volunteer them the military way.

I can understand pipers being apprehensive about playing for drummers. I was scared to death to pipe for my son. I didn't mind screwing up my own solo, but I dreaded the idea of messing up my son's chances.

I've since had several experiences which have made me much more relaxed about playing for him, but I think a lot of pipers worry about hurting a fellow band member's chances - and you don't know if playing badly could hurt your relationship with that person. What if they blame you for not playing well?

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