Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pipe Band Forum 2/5/08

Piping an expensive hobby?

Concidering that 98% of pipers classify this as a hobby, I don't see the need to charge big bucks!

Amen to that! It is an expensive hobby, but do you have to buy a new kilt every time you have a gig?

Expensive compared to what?

Chess, checkers, watching TV, collecting bottle caps, counting bricks in the cell block, reading and writing posts on forums on the internet ... that type of thing. To be honest with you for the money I've invested in piping so far I could have outfitted myself with some top of the line hockey gear and covered my adult hockey league dues for many years to come.

For what I paid for my bagpipes alone I could have purchased a very good ski combo and had money left over; and if I add in the cost of pipe lessons, competition fees and travel, I could easily cover my ski passes each year as well. And I consider skiing an expensive hobby.

I suppose once you reach a level of piping where you don't take lessons anymore; you have purchased pipes, case, clothing, etc. and can in fact start charging for your performances and instruction it's not only not expensive, but you can make money at it.

$700 ripoff - case in point!

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