Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pipe Band Forum 2/15/08

My Pipe Case

I have the bag-piper case and really like it. The only flaw was that one of the handles lost it's stitching within a week after I got it. The rest of the straps, zippers and rings have held up fine and I secured the broken handle with a strong safety pin. I have the strap set so I can throw it over my shoulder which frees me up to carry a drum case if my son or wife need help.

I carry all kinds of junk in there besides my pipes and whenever someone in the band needs something I always seem to have it.

I've flown to Hawaii, Ontario (twice) and Boston with my pipes and never had a problem. I always tell the security people that what they are about to see on the x-ray is a set of bagpipes and they've never stopped me to check them.

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