Friday, August 1, 2008

Canadian Dishes (my comments)

Isn't Tourtiere more a french Canadian dish. I'm from Alberta and had never heard of it until I moved to Quebec City. It can be made a variety of ways with both wild and domestic meats and it is delicious. Sugar Pie is also a french Canadian desert that is great. Steer clear of blood pudding IMHO. I used to eat a lot of horse meat in Quebec - it was very good.I'm not really sure there is a "Canadian" dish, but they do have some great candy bars, cereals and snacks that are unique. Eatmore, coffee crisp, shreddies, smarties (not the rolled up sugar candy you get in the States, they are more like M&Ms but better), aero bars, crunchies, red river cereal, macintosh toffee, old dutch potatoe chips (they had flavors like salt and vinegar, dill pickle and bbq way before the US ever had them - in fact I've never seen ketchup flavor chips in the States) and the list goes on and on.

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