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Pipe Band Forum - 12-12-07

The Cost of Bagpipes

I bought my pipes from a local pipe maker. Cost was about $2,300. Anyone hear of SD Sterling bagpipes? Didn't think so. They're nice pipes; they look good and sound good - I almost always get compliments from judges on the full sound; so I'm not disappointed; but ... $$$$$$$

Another piper in our band bought some McCallums and they were about half as much. They sound good and look good. So, what did I really get for twice the price?

Mine were turned by hand, but I doubt that makes much difference except that it takes more time and requires more skill. Hand turning could just as easily turn out a bad set of pipes as a good set - human error. This pipe maker has now gone to CNC probably for consistency and efficiency.

I doubt that the vast majority of people are going to spend more than a couple of grand on an instrument of any kind unless they can justify the cost somehow (ie a professional musician). I certainly stretched the limit with what I spent and even then I broke into a cold sweat when I handed over the cash.

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