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Pipe Band Forums 2/21/07

Member's Interview (my responses at the time to these questions)

1. What band are you currently playing with?
Salt Lake Scots Pipe Band / J T Dunnie Pipe Band
2. How many years experience do you have?
about 4 years
3. Who/What inspired you to play in a pipe band?
I had a friend who started on the chanter when we were in 3rd grade. I wanted to learn, but my parents made me take piano (never caught on). I'm now 49 years old. My friend (I recently learned on a trip to Canada) is an open piper in Alberta and I'm now competing in Grade IV. He probably has no idea who I am, but he first got me wanting to play and the many pipers I've heard since then have only encouraged that desire.
4. Who taught you to pipe/drum?
P/M Dennis McMaster
5. Are you the only one in your family involved with a pipe band?
My youngest son (11) is a drummer and my wife has been drumming for a few months and should be on the tenor in the band by mid summer.
6. What awards (solo or band) have you won for your playing?
This was my first year competing band and solo. I also played for my son's solos. I placed in each of my competitions except one (see #8) and took a first in Grade IV 2/4 march at Canmore Alberta. My son placed in all of his competitions as well.
7. What are your future piping/drumming-related goals?
I set three goals for myself when I started piping.1) Play the pipes grave side on Memorial Day at my father-in-law and grandparent's graves.2) March and play with a band in a parade.3) Compete as a Grade II piper.I've accomplished the first two goals. The last will be a goal I may never reach, but I'll keep working towards it.
8. Have you had anything embarassing happen to you while playing?
I competed at the Calgary Highland Games last summer. I decided to give the Strathspey/Reel a try, but hadn't really worked on a set because in WUSPBA Grade IV doesn't have an S/R. I made a flub on the third measure of the first part of my strathspey and it totally fell apart from there. I wasn't going to quit, but maybe I should have. It was a "disaster"; a quote from the judge and he was being kind. The judge actually did make some nice comments on my score sheet, but I knew it wasn't what I was capable of so I didn't feel too bad, just a bit embarassed.
9. Have you received worthwhile advice that you'd like to share?
Not much advice, but a lot of encouragement.
10. Do you have your own advice/words of wisdom for other pipers/drummers?
It's a big sand box - play nice.

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