Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 5/2/06

What a great feeling! (my comments on this topic)

Since the weather warmed up I've started to practice at a park near our home. I've had an audience of kids from time to time (they seem less inhibited than the adults) and I see people looking and listening from a distance.Last night a lady came over when I was packing up and told me that she was from Australia where she grew up next door to lot where a pipe band practiced. She loved the sound of pipes and was happy to learn that I play there fairly regularly.I also play in a vacant lot across from my office from time to time and get compliments from fellow employees. I point out to them that these are practice sessions and not performances, so I'm making (and hopefully correcting) a lot of mistakes, but they don't seem to care or notice.

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