Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pipe Band Forums 2-28-07

Pipe Tunes at my funeral (a post I started on the topic)

I was reading through some of the responses to the "Amazing Grace" thread and noticed that the thread was starting to wander a bit into "What tunes are you going to request at your own funeral?" so I thought I'd just go ahead and start a thread on that subject.I have two documents for my family when I pass away. One is my will which will be like Christmas for my wife and kids; and the other is a letter to my family which details where everything is (life insurance, bank accounts, debts, etc) as well as my requests for my funeral service. I wanted to be cremated, but my wife will have nothing to do with that, so it will be a "normal" casket and burial type funeral.I have, of course, requested pipes at my funeral, but only at the cemetary. I want two pipers to play Highland Cathedral as the casket is moved to the gravesite. The pipers can decide on the arrangement and playing of seconds on the piece. After the graveside ceremony I have asked for a lone piper to play through Amazing Grace once then joined by the second piper playing seconds (fairly standard arrangement). I've debated about whether to have the pipers slow walk away while playing and have decided against it.If my wife and kids want jigs and reels later that will be up to them, but I want a lot of weeping and wailing at the grave side - they'll have plenty of time to celebrate. (yipee, no more pipe practicing in the house)

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