Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 11/1/06

What did you play this season? (my comments about the tunes I played in competition my first year)

I'm a grade IV piper - first year of competition. I played "Major Norman Or Ewing" for my 2/4 March, "Loch Rannoch" for my Slow March, "Donald MacLean of Lewis" for my 6/8 March and in Alberta I played "Keel Row" (twice through) and "High Road to Linton" for my Strathspey/Reel.I only competed once with the Strathspey/Reel and didn't really have it down well enough to do a good job. The other three I did well with. The 6/8 was a little harder tune - in fact I got a comment from a judge that it was "an ambitious tune choice for this grade", but I like the tune and will continue to improve it and use it in grade IV. The other two are appropriate tunes for the grade and weren't too hard to learn. I'll use the three march tunes again next year and see how it goes. If I compete again in Strathspey/Reel I'll use something else.

Note: In my second year I changed my slow march to Lochaber No More.

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