Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 8/25/06

Adult Piper success story. (my comments about older vs younger pipers)

I have to chime in on the "negative older piper" discussion. I started at 44 (I'm now 47). I agree with Linz, I was very optomistic about starting to learn the pipes, but man did I ever run into an "attitude" about starting when I did. Now that I'm playing in a band and competing, the attitude isn't as negative but I think it is still there. Hey, I've only been playing for three years ... give me a break!! I'm keeping up with most of the younger players who have the same experience I do. Maybe they don't work as hard as I do to get the same results, but perhaps that's the advantage of being older. So on balance, us "negative" older players CAN keep up with the "lazy" younger players.

Note: I've since changed my tune a bit. Younger players can put it together a lot easier than us older guys.

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