Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 8/4/06

Motivation (my comments about staying motivated to play)

I'm in a slump myself right now. I play my PC a lot, but I haven't been on the pipes as much as I need to. I've been here before and several things have motivated me out of it. Most have already been mentioned:
1) Attend a pipe and drum concert - When I hear a concert of our local bands I say to myself "I can play like that" and I have to go home and prove it.
2) Listen to some good soloists on CDs - I love to hear the pipes played well. It makes me want to do better.
3) Join a band - There's pressure there to keep up the practice. Don't want to let the group down.
4) Just say to yourself that you're only going to play one tune. Sometimes for me it is just a matter of getting the pipes out and I'm off and running again.
5) Play a tune in the park - there's nothing like an audience to get you back into it.
6) Register for solo competitions or to play for a dummer - I've got a couple coming up and that's all the motivation I need.
Whatever you do, don't let it go completely. Stay on the PC and you'll find your motivation.

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