Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 4/6/05

Qualities of good bagpipes (I was looking at purchasing my first set)

Certainly sound and tone of the drones and chanter are important, but they appear to be very subjective qualities in a set of pipes. Opinions are many and varied.I would like to know what the more objective qualities are of a well made set of pipes. I read an excellent article from "The Bagpipe Place" website on "What you need to know" when buying pipes, but I have since heard that some of their recommendations are just bells and whistles.For example, they recommended threaded mounts and ferrules, and tuning pins with a hemp-stop. Are these really signs of well made pipes or just flash? What other things would you look for in materials and workmanship? What are the little extras that show craftsmanship and quality?

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