Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pipe Band Forum 3/21/07

Wearing a Kilt (a topic I started to get some feedback on non piping wearing of the kilt)

I've noticed that there are quite a few members of our band who can hardly wait to get out of their kilts when a performance or competition is over. I actually enjoy wearing it for several reasons - not the least of which is the attention I get. I had planned on buying my own kilt this year, but have discovered that Elsie Stuehmeyer is doing a class in our area next month, so signed up to make my own! I got my tartan a few weeks ago and can hardly wait!My wife and I were in France a few years back to pick up our son who had been living there for a couple of years. We stayed with some friends of his in Bezier who were from Scotland. The father, Burt, was an awesome host. When we arrived at their home he was there in his kilt and hose; full of stories and a VHS tape of the last year's tatoo playing on the television. We were marvelously entertained during our stay including a thrilling ride into Spain with me on the left side of the car facing on-coming traffic without a steering wheel to help me. Burt was perfectly at home in his kilt and I was wondering how many others enjoy wearing one. I don't think you have to be Scottish to be comfortable do ya? and for those in Scotland, having never been there, I was curious as to how common it is for casual dress? That's probably a silly tourist type question, much like questions I get from people down here about igloo building in my native Canada ... but still curious all the same.

Copied from http://bearkilts.com/It's_a_guy_thing.htmlIce on the testes is a common recommendation for men with low sperm production.

Glad I never had that problem ...

"People who don't wear underwear are immoral." Rubbish. People who don't wear underwear are generally less ashamed of their bodies and have greater self esteem. Immodesty is not immorality.

I don't agree with this for two reasons: 1) Who says being modest equates to being ashamed of your body? That's like saying you're ashamed of your bank account because you won't reveal the balance to the world - truth is it's personal and no ones business but my own - I'm very proud of my bank account. I think being modest shows more respect for your body and for others than leaving naught to the imagination. 2) Who says that wearing nothing under a kilt is immodest? You can still go without and be modest.

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