Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 2/20/07

5 years - I'm thinking of quiting. (my comments on a topic posted about staying motivated)

I'm 49ish years old and have been taking lessons almost 4 years (3 on the pipes). I told myself when I started that I would keep working at it. I set three goals for myself. 1. Play the pipes at the graveside of my father-in-law and grandparents on memorial day. I have done this every year for three years and my family enjoys it better each year - I never said anything about playing perfectly. 2. March and play the pipes in a parade with a pipe band. I did this four times last year. I'm far from playing every tune perfectly - or even very well for that matter, but I keep working at it. 3. And this is the kicker ... play at a Grade II level. I may never reach this goal, but I will work at it. I competed in Grade IV last year and certainly was not a head turner - at least not in a good way. I expect to do better this year, but if I ever get to Grade II it will be years from now.We all have our moments when we want to give it up. I'm struggling with the band thing myself right now, but I'll stick it out.My sage advice: Don't quit and audition for the band anyway. Even if you get turned down this time, it will be a good experience so you'll know what to expect.

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