Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dunshire Bagpipe Forum 10/23/06

Friends and family (my comments of having friends and family at competitions)

This was the first year my youngest son and I have competed. He is a drummer (11 years old) and I'm a piper (48 years old). I play for his solos and we've really had a great time.At our first games, I had my wife and my other kids there as well as some extended family. They have all heard me play before, so I wasn't really anymore nervous than I would have been just playing for the judge. There was also a contingent of band members from our band watching, and that probably made me more nervous than my family.In September we were in Canada and competed in Calgary and Canmore. My parents live in Calgary and attended. I loved having them there and I think they really enjoyed the experience - it was their first games.Like Curt said, "Have fun and let your friends and family have fun with you."

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