Friday, January 2, 2009

On to Nauvooooooooo!!!

I got an email yesterday from the Nauvoo Pageant folks and they have accepted our application for the 2009 cast! Yippeeee, we're going to Nauvoo!

For those who don't know, the Nauvoo pageant has a Pipe Band and we have been accepted to play in it. Here's an article about the band: The Pipers of Nauvoo

Teagan isn't as excited as my wife and I are; I think it smells a little too "Churchy" for him. Well ... he's a teenager, so unless it involves food, video games, air soft guns, sports, girls or best buddies, it's probably not going to peek his interest too much. Nevertheless, I think once there he will discover it to be a fun and exciting experience (probably will find that at least three of the above listed items apply) and will be asking us to do it again in 2010.

We'll be in Nauvoo from July 12th through the 25th, so if you make the trip look for us.

Now we have to make reservations for a place to stay and start saving up some $$$$$$.


paulandtania said...

Oh it's not because it's too churchy! I don't think Teag is one to shy away from churchy things... I could be wrong though. :) It's just because he's a teenager and they don't get way excited over anything... haha... Plus it's not something that most people his age realize is an awesome opportunity and a great way to showcase his talents. He'll appreciate it when he's older. :D

RoseE said...

That sounds like a rousing good time!