Friday, January 2, 2009

Mr. Grumpy

Being the New Year, I decided I need a change in attitude. Well ... there are several changes that this plump, old, lazy, couch potato needs to make, but let's start with attitude and the rest may fall into place.

I have recently been reading a friend's blog and have discovered that I have been referred to from time to time as being somewhat of a sour puss - that's not a quote, but it expresses the occasional impression. I don't think that is her overall impression of me, but I concede that indeed I probably come across that way many a time, especially when it comes to issues with the Pipe Band.

I readily admit up front that I'm not a great piper. I'm generally inconsistent with my playing skill; probably because I'm inconsistent with my practice. I state this because I am probably in a poor position to pass judgement on anyone or anything having to do with playing the bagpipes. At the same time I can be quite opinionated when it comes to how people treat each other; whether or not expectations seem realistic; and how well run an organization is. That is where I run into trouble.

My friend has been effected by the same issues in the band that I have and yet she remains optimistic and upbeat. In fact, she has suffered through one incident with an influential band member that still makes me angry to think about and yet while I know it upset her, she has treated it with humor and moved beyond it's caustic influence. She's my Pipe Band hero!

So, I will vow to quit being a sour puss this year and strive to remain more positive. That's not to say I won't voice my opinion, but once said I will move on.

... let's see how long this will last?!


paulandtania said...

Let's see how long it will last? Are you really committed to this? :) You can do it. I have faith in you. I have been accused of being obnoxiously optimistic on more than one occation though. I'm going to hold you to it Dad!

RoseE said...

I know I've heard that story before somewhere, but I don't remember anybody ever describing you as a sourpuss. You always have a joke or a funny remark about the procedings, or a story to tell about another time when . . . But I like your goal anyway. The world needs more cheerful people, and more people who are cheerful. It smoothes the potholes of the journey.