Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pipe Band Forum

Reading and Writing Music

Sight reading is like learning to read the written word. It's musical literacy. It's well worth the effort.

Like reading however, one should learn it in conjunction with learning to write it. I learned to sight read, but it really meant something to me when I started to compose a few tunes.

When you learn to compose your first sentence and someone else can read and understand it, it's quite an accomplishment. The same holds true for music. When you can compose a short tune and someone else can read and play it, it is likewise quite an accomplishment.

What would this forum be like if all you could do was read the posts of others and not be able to respond.

Not everyone is a great author, and most of us won't be great composers, but you never know when you might hit on a tune that is catchy and fun - even if it's just for your own enjoyment.


Scar said...

So when do we get to see (or hear) one of your compositions? I'm very interested!

Granpiper said...

I have now posted three of my original compositions on my blog.